My wife and I married over fifteen years ago and we’ve had our share of ups and downs. Throw in having four kids and starting a church, and we’ve had many days we felt our marriage was surviving instead of thriving. Over the years, we’ve had to make many adjustments to reconnect and grow in our relationship together.

The enemy will do everything to destroy your marriage in hopes to stop your ministry. We all know that in theory; but in practice it’s easy to forsake or take for granted your relationship with your spouse.

Check out this post I had the privilege to do on LifeWay Pastors.

It will give you five practical ways for your marriage to survive AND thrive in ministry.



Join us Saturday, December 24th at 5pm at Elevate Church as we celebrate our Savior’s birth with a candlelight Christmas Eve service.

Bring your family & friends to this special service as we celebrate the true meaning of Christmas!

Christmas is a GREAT time to invite family and friends to church. People are in search for hope and we have the answer!

Let’s share it with others this Christmas Season.
Luke 2:10 says, “I bring you GOOD NEWS that will bring great JOY for ALL people.”
Invite someone and give them the opportunity to receive the greatest gift of all this Christmas season! A NEW life on earth and an eternal home in heaven.
No one else on this planet can give a gift like that!
Address and Service Times:
3800 Mykonos Lane, San Diego, CA 92130

(On The Campus of Carmel Valley Middle School)

Sundays at 10am. Christmas Eve at 5pm. 

My wife and I married over 15 years ago. We said we wanted as many kids as the Lord would give us, then we had our first child.

Everything changed! We were barely sure we wanted two children at that point. Fifteen years later, we ended up with four kids and together moved across the country to start a church. There are a lot of lessons we’ve learned over the years about church planting but just as many lessons are being learned about parenting in ministry.

Check out the list and full article at LifeWay Pastors.

I had the privilege to write an article for Lifeway Pastors. You can read the full article here.

Several years ago, my wife and I decided to make one of the biggest decisions of our lives – we moved to the other side of the country to start a church. When we say we started from scratch, we literally started from scratch. We didn’t know anyone in the city where we moved. We had no potential prospects of who might attend our church or be on our launch team.

Our closest family and friends would be 2,000 miles away. We weren’t sure it would work. In many ways, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Starting a church across the country has been one of our greatest privileges and greatest challenges.

Check out the four questions to consider before moving across the country in this Lifeway Pastor Article.

A Can’t Miss Weekend!

November 2, 2016



We are in a pivotal time in our country and a polarizing election upon us. The series we start this Sunday at Elevate Church could not be more timely and bring more LIGHT during a time of such change and uncertainty.
Join us for the kick off of “UNDER GOD?”

What dominates the headlines doesn’t have to dominate our hearts. There’s only ONE name that can bring the world together, and you won’t find it on a ballot. Are you ready to discover the hope and freedom we’ve been given Under God? 

Throughout this series, we will discover what it means as the people of God to be a holy nation, under God’s authority, completely indivisible, and filled with grace and truth.

Daylight Savings is this weekend and you get an EXTRA hour of sleep Saturday night!

This is a perfect opportunity to be at church and bring someone with you who can use HOPE during uncertain times.

Can’t wait to kick off this series at Elevate Church this weekend!