Anniversary Letter To My WIFE

August 6, 2013

Husband and WifeBelow is a letter I read to Susan during the service at Elevate Church on Sunday and framed to give her for our anniversary. In many ways, my wife has the greatest ministry at Elevate. Any encouragement I receive she should receive double. She is my secret sauce. She can minister to me in ways no one else can. 🙂  I wanted to honor her, if even in a small way, by reading this publicly on Sunday in front of our church family. Here is the letter to the love of my life:

Hey Beautiful,

You are one AMAZING woman. You have endured so much and have stood beside me for as long as I can remember. To say I am incredibly grateful would be an understatement. I know without a shadow of doubt we wouldn’t be where we are and I wouldn’t be half of who I am without YOU!

You are a phenomenal mother. I don’t mean ok. I mean phenomenal. There is no way in this world I could ask for someone who loves our children and cares for our children the way you do. Our kids are so incredibly blessed. He chose you. THANK YOU for loving our kids the way you do. I am more than honored that YOU mother our children!

You are an unbelievable wife. The way you love me. The way you pull things out of me that I have such a hard time doing. The way you stand by me. The way you look at me. The random things you say. The way you believe in me, encourage me, and pray for me. I am proud and humbly grateful to call Susan Wedgewood Campbell my WIFE

It seriously blows my mind how AMAZING you look. There is no one in this world that could look at you and think you had four kids. Four kids! You don’t look like you had one! You truly are beautiful on the inside and out!

I am grateful for Jesus’ work in you. I am so grateful for God’s hand of protection over us. For His grace & favor He has given us. And his constant love poured out over our lives, marriage, & family. I am thankful for Jesus pursuing us like never before. His GRACE over our lives is nothing short of AMAZING. As hard as it has been, God has not brought us this far to leave us! He began the good work in us & I KNOW He will carry it on until it is FINISHED in & through us. I truly believe the best is yet to come in our marriage, family, and His calling on our lives! Psalm 128 is our promise. You are flourishing within our home. We are focused. God is our sun & shield.

Everything else in this world can pass away but I will fight to be by your side every year until I breathe my last on this planet.  Happy 12th Anniversary and I am blessed for another year with the love of my life!


~ Kevin

P.S. I didn’t mention this below on Sunday but here are a few more reasons I am so in love with my wife:

I love her because of looks across the restaurant, dances in our kitchen, singing in the car, workouts together, competing with each other in sports, holding her in my arms at bedtime watching her sleep, date nights, dreamingtogether, Palm Desert getaways, and a thousand other reasons…BUT most of all I love her because WHO She is!

Babe, YOU are truly my FOREVER.

Kevin Campbell

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Husband to Susan. Dad with four kids. Pastor of Elevate Church. On the journey of a lifetime!