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Here are some things I am excited about right now:

1) This Sunday at Elevate:  We are finishing out the PLANTED series with one of the most practical messages yet.  It is where the “rubber meets the road.” A lot of people can fake it, but there are a few indicators that you are truly planted in your faith.

2) Broken For Us:  On April 17th, we are having a service called Broken For Us.  We will reflect on the cross and what Christ did for us in this incredible worship experience.

3) Baptism Celebration:  We are having a Baptism Celebration on Sunday, April 17th.  It will be at La Jolla Shores at 1pm.  Need to be baptized? Email us!  And everyone else be sure to join us as we welcome others into the family of God!

4) Easter Sunday (April 24th):  I have never been more excited about anything we’ve ever done at Elevate.  It will be a life changing day for many people!  Spread the word by: a) sending out this link with the details; b) go to to make the Easter image your profile pic or to click “share” on the Easter details to let your friends know what is coming.

5) My Parents are in town:  Susan and I love having family visit!  My parents are in town this weekend and the kids are so excited too!

6) Elijah’s Birthday:  Elijah turns 7 years old on Saturday.  I love that boy!  We are celebrating his birthday on Friday night playing Laser Tag with some of his friends.  I am sorry but I will have to punish all of them in Laser Tag.  🙂

It is Friday and here are a few things I am excited about this weekend:

1) My wife and I are leaving at lunchtime today for an in town overnight date.  Someone blessed us with a free hotel room at the Grand Del Mar.  HELLO!  🙂  

2) This Sunday at Elevate we are talking about the primary way to stay rooted in God’s Love.  Did you know your problems are caused by not being rooted in God’s love?  Join us on Sunday as we talk about the primary way to be rooted in His Love!

3) Ownership Night on Saturday evening.  Go here to sign up and for details.  It is your chance to hear the heartbeat of Elevate and commit to the Elevate family!

4) I have been working through the Elevate Way (core values) and I am so excited about the culture that we are creating at Elevate.  I’m probably going to do a series on it later this year.

5) The Final Four is this weekend!  I’m pulling for Butler to win it all.  It is hard not to pull for VCU too.  I love underdog stories!

6) 1 John and John 15 have been rocking my world!

Random Friday

March 25, 2011

Here are some random Friday thoughts:

  • It is week 4 in our PLANTED series.  This week we are talking about the ONE thing Jesus said that would identify to the world that we belong to Him.  Can’t wait!
  • I am excited about our Ownership Night next Saturday at 5:30pm.  Go Here for the details and to sign up!
  • I thought this was a great post about loving the Pastor’s Wife.  Elevate has the most amazing pastor’s wife of anywhere!  🙂
  • Susan’s Birthday is this Sunday but the party has already begun.  Every good husband knows his wife’s birthday really lasts for more than one day.  🙂
  • I am really enjoying the new Passion Album called Here For You.  Carry Your Name by Christy Nockels is so good!
  • I am glad Duke lost last night!  I will wait to gloat until I see how the Tarheels do later today.
  • We have a mission team coming in town this weekend to serve Elevate and our city. 
  • It is so encouraging to know we have others who are for us and support us in this journey.
  • It has been a busy time with the kids lately: birthday parties, baseball, musicals, parent/teacher conferences, etc.
  • It is a very busy time right now!  I feel like God has been reminding me to stay connected to the source during this time – Jesus. (John 15:1-8)  No root equals no fruit.  Deep roots equal much fruit.
  • It has been so encouraging to hear what our Life Groups are doing to reach out.  We are the Church and we exist for the world!
  • Considering I have AT&T service I thought this was funny: “AT&T is buying T-Mobile for $39 billion. It was a tough call for AT&T, but then again—EVERY call is a tough call for AT&T.” – Jimmy Fallon
  • Every Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday.  Every Sunday is the opportunity of a lifetime to worship Jesus and see Him change lives!
  • That’s why we are a Single Issue Church.
  • Elevate Church, let’s do this!

Random Friday

March 18, 2011

Here is some Random Friday stuff:

  • It is week three of PLANTED this Sunday and we are talking about the power of being planted in the Church!  
  • Yes, of course I am excited about church this week!  I believe in the power and potential of God’s people coming together in God’s House for God’s glory.  Seriously, anything can happen!
  • If you missed last week’s message, you can listen here before Sunday.  It will be a great set up for this Sunday’s message!
  • “I was glad when they said to me “Let us go to the house of the Lord.” – Psalm 122:1.  It should be a JOY to enter God’s House!
  • Naomi had her musical theater performance last night.  I am so proud of her!  
  • Check out Elijah hitting a triple this past Saturday!
  • I am not a Duke fan but I really enjoyed Grant Hill’s response to the Fab Five Documentary that aired on ESPN this past Sunday night.
  • I can’t wait to catch up on the NCAA March Madness this weekend!  I’ve only been able to catch a few highlights so far.
  • I always have a problem with reading too many books at once.  I am currently reading thru three books!
  • Susan’s birthday is next weekend.  I love that woman so much!  
  • Really thinking hard about what direction I want to go with this blog.  When I know, I will let you know.  🙂
  • Elevate, The time is now!  Let’s do this.

Random Friday

March 11, 2011

Here are some things happening this past week and coming up.  In other words, a little bit of randomness for your Friday:

  • Week Two of PLANTED this Sunday!  I can’t wait to share one of the biggest keys to gaining spiritual momentum in your life.  It is a phrase that if applied can be a game changer!
  • Pastor Todd Wright kicked off the series last week.  You can check it out here if you missed it.
  • If you haven’t already, join Elevate’s Facebook page to stay in the loop, see pictures, and you can use it to share an invite with your friends!
  • Jeremiah was the star student this week in his preschool class.  He got to keep Buddy the Bear all week and I had to help him talk about his time with Buddy.  Here is a picture of Jeremiah.  And here is a picture of us together.  
  • The UNC Tarheels won at the buzzer earlier today against Miami. They are going to have to play a lot better this weekend to win the ACC Tourney.
  • March Madness has to be the best time of the year!
  • “Give your burdens to the Lord and HE will take care of you..” – Psalm 55:22
  • “If you are holding out on God, then you are missing out on God.” – Mark Batterson
  • The Elevate Staff Meeting earlier this week was off the charts.  So much fun!  
  • ESSENTIAL: Do ministry with people you actually want to be around!  
  • Our Life Groups have had the highest attendance and much more important the most impact that they’ve ever had.  I love hearing the life change stories coming from the groups!
  • Elevate Church, begin praying NOW for Easter Sunday (April 24th).  We are believing God is going to blow our minds with the great things HE is going to do on that day. Remember, He works through our prayer AND our obedience to act upon what He commands us to do!
  • I’m ready for an awesome weekend!